About CUCKOO Your kitchen is shining bright with CUCKOO


CEO’s Greeting We build the trusts With the best quality and creative technologies.

73% of unrivaled leading in Korean ricecooker market share board, leading this market for over 14 years, sold over 25 million rice cookers (No. Of Households in Korea: approx 18million) since its establishment in 1978, these are Cuckoo Electronics’s achievements up to the minute. These wouldn’t be possible without our consumers love and efforts of people in Cuckoo.
On be half Cuckoo Electronics, I Brian Koo would like to thanks to our consumers and staffs in Cuckoo, please accept my appreciation.

Being the leader in the largest ricecooker market in the world was not an easy achievement. Qulified staff, innovation of technology, quality control with consumer’s satisfaction and creative marketing strategies were highly required especially in a single product market. In terms of quality, Cuckoo ricecookers were considerably better than those of the competition, otherwise they would not have been able to compete successfully on such a fiercely competitive market.

With our successes in Korea, now Cuckoo wants to set our heart on global market.
Based on high qualified ricecookers with our over 30 years experiences, brand of Cuckoo have began its global competition since 1998. For the past 15 years in global market, Cuckoo have knocked on most of the nations and recorded average growth of 22% each year.

In year 2010, Cuckoo Electronics have expanded its product ranges to 3 appliance fields to Kitchen, Healthcare and Living appliances.
Especially with Healthcare Appliances’s water purifier, Cuckoo have made 2nd position in the industry in the first year of release.

These consequences have based on Cuckoo’s 3 features, and we could state as,

  1. 1.Quality
     ● Cuckoo’s Internal Quality Examination has even more strict standards than External Quality standards.
     ● From the first to the last step of its procedures are totally controlled and managed by Cuckoo Electronics it self.
  2. 2.Innovation of Technology
     ● Cuckoo is always hunger for innovative and customer needed technologies with our products.
  3. 3.Exellences of our staff
     ● The greatest number of patents in equivalent industry been issued to Cuckoo Electronics

Over 30 years of our experiences allowed us to lead the trends in the rice cooker industry and for the visitors who are searching for truly premium brand and consider Cuckoo Electronics for business partner, I Brian Koo as CEO of Cuckoo Electronics would guarantee with honesty.

Thank you for your cooperation.