About CUCKOO Your kitchen is shining bright with CUCKOO


  1. 01 Corporate Mark

    Cuckoo’, the corporate mark of Cuckoo Electronic Co., Ltd. specializing in the total home appliances, expresses ‘Creative Thinking, Creative Technology and Creative Service’ that are our corporate value we stand for and ‘C’ that is our representative initial as a creative gate.

    Besides, it effectively expresses Cuckoo’s future vision to lead creative life through familiar and modern shape of word and its impressive red color. ‘Cuckoo’, a compound word made up of ‘Cook’ and Cuckoo’, is our own brand that symbolizes the mind to expect delicious food.



  2. 02 Brand Word Mark

    The word mark of Cuckoo Electronics is the most important visual contents that demonstrates the image of Cuckoo aim for.

    The word mark highly need to be managed and controlled in usage due to the fact that high exploration to the public.

    CUCKOO always new

  3. 03 Brand Motif

    The strategic core of cuckoo's brand image is to communicate and to lead our customers to have confidence and trust in our brand logo and to be able to identify with our brand motif.

    We created a shop that will be in exclusive shopping centers so that our customers can communicate with us directly.

    Our brand motif is for our customers to identify cuckoo as an everyday household appliance. Therefore we have upgraded our everyday household items to look modern and visually appealing. We have researched every trend style and color, regardless of season, to create a global brand that out customers will be happy to

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